About Us

Over 40 years of history at the feet of women around the world

It was 1982 when Angelo Bervicato, a shoe artist with a passion for fashion and accessories, took his first steps in the shoe industry.

The love of beauty and those processes that turn an idea into a style icon - before they become a product - has allowed him to quickly establish himself as a major presence on the shelves and along the fashion industry's catwalks, too thanks to a never-ending attention to world trends and the tastes of women in all parts of the world.

The Bervicato brand is among the most authentic symbols of Made in Italy and is now a reality recognized at European and international level, a spokesman for this Italian spirit that blinks with trends without ever losing sight of its authenticity and refinement single and constant intention: to light up the eyes of the women who wear her shoes.

The essence of true Made in Italy

Bervicato boots are 100% made in Italy: they have been handcrafted since the company was founded and are a high quality product, the result of a long artisan tradition and a passion for perfection.

These boots are made by skilled artisans and are the result of a meticulous and careful production process that combines mastery of the processing of materials (all strictly Italian) with a refined aesthetic. Every single boot is unique and unrepeatable, the result of a long and complex production process that starts with the selection of the best materials and ends with their transformation into a high quality end product.

The premium leather is carefully crafted to create boots that are both durable and comfortable. The inner lining made of breathable fabric ensures perfect breathability and optimal sweat absorption, so your feet stay dry and fresh at all times.

The aesthetic of the boots, handmade in Italy, is flawless, with an elegant and refined design that makes them suitable for any occasion. Attention to detail and perfection in craftsmanship are reflected in every aspect of the product, from the shape to the stitching, from the finishing touches to the buckles.

Patent for a unique waterproof product

Bervicato can boast a patent for a fully waterproof boot that combines innovative design with the comfort and protection every foot deserves.

The heart of this patent is the inner lining, made of technical fabric that absorbs and retains leg heat, keeping feet dry even in difficult climatic conditions such as rain or snow: it has been specially designed for this purpose, guaranteeing perfect breathability and optimal perspiration absorption . This makes it possible to wear the boots for a long time without your feet getting too hot or too wet.

The design also includes the use of materials such as rubber or PVC to create a waterproof barrier. These materials have been chosen for their durability and flexibility, guaranteeing excellent traction and a perfect fit. In addition, the shoe has been designed to adapt perfectly to the shape of the foot, offering optimal comfort during use. The non-slip rubber sole guarantees excellent stability and safety on any surface, even in adverse weather conditions.

Our waterproof boots are an ideal solution for those looking for a product that combines comfort, protection and durability. Stormproof style and comfort.